Does Your Business Provide Products and Services to Other Businesses or Offer Career Opportunities for Local People?

Now is your chance to reach business people who are looking for new and better ways to to run their operations more efficiently, more profitably, and more enjoyably. People who attend the Business and Careers Showcase are looking for solutions to their business problems, and they want to talk to people like you who have them.  The Showcase will also be attended by our local youth who are exploring future career pathways and may just have the skills and attitude that your business needs.

When you exhibit at the Business and Careers Showcase, you are:

  • Positively positioning your business as a leader in your sector
  • Giving yourself an opportunity to gather qualified leads plus build general brand awareness
  • Giving yourself the opportunity to nurture and develop mutually beneficial relationships
  • Placing yourself in the perfect position to learn from the full line-up of Showcase speakers
  • Supporting the development of future employees for your business.

Our focus for the Business and Career's Showcase is on:

  • Creating a valuable experience for attendees
  • Ensuring exhibitors are able to highlight their products and services as professionally as possible within the context of a well presented business-focused event.
  • Allowing attendees and exhibitors to interact and engage easily and comfortably
  • Creating the ideal complement to your existing marketing and business development activities

The floor plan, exhibition spaces, and furniture have been thoughtfully designed and chosen to allow the best possible interaction and flow and provide Bundaberg businesses with a professionally presented business-to-business focused trade show.   

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What are the some of the specific benefits of exhibiting at the Business and Careers Showcase?

With direct access to a business-foucsed audience made up of potential customers, connections, and peers from a range of industry sectors, the Showcase is the ideal vehicle to:

  • Build brand awareness for your organisation;
  • Get genuine sales leads;
  • Promote your entire suite of products and services (how many of your customers know about  EVERY product/service you can provide);
  • Add to your database of people who are interested in your business and content you circulate;
  • Interactively demonstrate services and products;
  • Launch new products and services;
  • Network with other exhibitors and organisations;
  • Enhance PR and marketing opportunities;
  • Increase your reach through the event's online and traditional media activity;
  • Develop personal relationships with clients and industry connections;
  • Get immediate feedback on your product range;


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What are the Showcase attendee demographics?

Below are some visitor statistics from similar Small Business Events from across Queensland.  Be sure to particpate in the 2019 Business and Careers Showcase to expose your business to those that matter.





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Download Exhibitor Prospectus as PDF

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